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J. L. Jones Licensed Massage Therapist at Chi of Life Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, LLC

Welcome to Chi of Life Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, LLC

Chi of Life Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is practicing Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Integrative Reflexology at "Madison and Lowe", on the NW corner of Madison st and Lowe ave:
     614 Madison St. Suite 4
     Huntsville, AL  35801

At Chi of Life, the goal is to integrate the most up to date manual massage therapy techniques and time honored wisdom of the ancient Daoist Masters in a secure and comfortable environment for the client.  We strive to provide relief from stress and promote needed relaxation and detoxification to minimize the trauma sustained from modern day life.  As well, to help ease the discomfort of, and facilitate healing of muscle and tendon disfunctions resulting from over and repetitive use injuries,sports injuries and other trauma.

Services offered include Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, including Neruo-Muscular Techniques (Trigger Point Therapy), Muscle Energy Techniques and Myofascial Release Techniques.  We also offer Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition and Integrative Reflexology, as well as assistance with energetic ballancing and harmonization of the body, based on study of the Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist Pholosophy, all administered with the best interest and wellness of the client in mind.

Please email me via the contact information page or call 256.812.1284 for appointments and information.

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J. L.


Alabama Massage Therapy Establishment Lic. # 2309

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