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About the Practitioner

Ni Hao (Hello).

I am J. L. Jones, LMT, Alabama Lic. #3610.  My Chinese name is Zhan Zhi Shen.  I am a graduate of Madison School of Massage Therapy, LLC in Madison, Alabama and an ordained minister.

I also am a prior active duty United States Marine non-commissioned officer, a mechanical engineering major, an industrial electrician, pipe fitter and mechanic/millwright.  I grew up a carpenters son, and earned a paycheque as a journeyman class carpenter before the age of fifteen.

While I am relatively new to the massage therapy industry, I am not new to the health care services, bodywork and natural healing communities.  I held an EMT Intermediate license for six years, responding as a fire-medic in my community as well as decades of service in cave/cliff/rough country rescue as a member of the "Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit Inc." (now inactive due to accumulated wear and tear resulting from a "high velocity life"), and a former member of the "Huntsville Emergency Medical Services Inc." (HEMSI) "High Angle Rough Terrain" (HART) Rescue Team.

I have always tended toward natural means of maintaining health, making a point to minimize medications and consulting books and knowledgeable persons concerning herbs and so forth.  About 1998 or 99 I began to seriously look at the Dao and Buddhist philosophies.  The more I learned, I realized I had been Daoist my whole life by nature.  My studies then became centered on cultivation, circulation and refinement of Qi through still and moving methods of QiGong meditation, the use of Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs and lay studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I make every possible effort to take advantage of any opportunities to learn philosophies or techniques related to TCM, or nature based healing and health management in general.

I also am an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and certified Integrative Reflexologist, both disciplines I have found very cohesive with my pursuit of Dao.  And, of course, I have received a wonderful education in Massage Therapy at one of the finest schools in the nation.

It seems with each day, some component of my varied background has provided me insight into situations encountered in the clinic.

The rational understanding of the engineer applies directly to the structure and mechanics of the musculo-skeletal system. 

It seems personal experience with muscle, bone and joint injuries can be one of the best teachers, it also promotes a profound empathy for and understanding of ones clients.  There have been many licks, tumbles and falls in my life, many I pay dearly for now, but as we are products of our experiences, I wouldn't trade the traumas through which I've lived for anything.

Without employing the wisdom of the ancients I clearly would not be able to function as I do now, and I take great joy and satisfaction in sharing what fraction of that wisdom I have learned with others.

I am not particularly young, but am young at heart.  I've done a lot of things, and they have all prepared me for the direction my life is now taking.  My purpose I now know, is to help my fellow beings live more comfortable, productive and healthful lives, and help make this a better world.

Thanks so much for listening to my rabble, I've tried not to be too philosophical.  If I can be of assistance to you or someone close to you, please give me a shout.

J. L.

J. L. Jones Licensed Massage Therapist at Chi of Life Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, LLC  Huntsville, AL

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